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Am I A Candidate For miraDry?

Do you sweat excessively even when you are doing nothing at all? Does your sweating make you anxious or embarrassed? Is your sweating affecting your personal life, relationships, or career? Then you may have hyperhidrosis and could be the perfect candidate for miraDry at The Pennsylvania Centre for Plastic Surgery.

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What is Hyperhidrosis? 

Sweating is a completely natural reaction and occurs when the body is too hot and needs to cool itself down. Some people, however, find that they sweat excessive amounts even when they are not exercising, hot, or doing anything at all – this is called hyperhidrosis. Normally, your sweat glands activate when the body is too warm, such as during periods of stress or exercise. Once the body has returned its temperature to normal, your sweat glands should then shut off again stopping perspiration, however, for people with hyperhidrosis, their sweat glands do not shut off, and instead continue to perspire even when the body is inactive, cool, and relaxing.

Hyperhidrosis is a common condition affecting millions of people of all ages across the world, causing them to sweat distress. Often presenting itself in adolescence, if left untreated, then hyperhidrosis can last a lifetime, causing stress, anxiety, and embarrassment as well as practical consequences such as making it difficult for people to hold a pen, wear a uniform at work, shake hands or clasp a steering wheel.

About miraDry 

Living with hyperhidrosis can be miserable, affecting people’s personal lives, careers, and relationships. The good news is that there is a solution – miraDry. miraDry is a non-surgical, FDA-cleared treatment that uses thermal microwave energy to safely eliminate bothersome sweat glands, for good. During the miraDry procedure, Dr. Brenman and the assisting team will administer a local anesthetic to the problem area before using the miraDry handpiece to deliver microwave energy directly to the overactive sweat glands, eliminating them permanently. While the thermal energy is being applied to your sweat glands, the miraDry handpiece also applies cooling energy to keep you comfortable during the treatment and to protect the surrounding skin from being damaged by the thermal energy. From start to finish, the whole miraDry procedure typically lasts around one hour, with most patients reporting positive results from their first treatment and optimum results after two or three visits. Once destroyed the sweat glands that were responsible for your hyperhidrosis will never grow back, making miraDry a permanent solution and enabling you to put your embarrassment behind you.

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Am I a Candidate for Hyperhidrosis Treatment? 

The miraDry hyperhidrosis treatment is ideal for anyone who is bothered by their excessive sweating, is over the age of 18, and is looking for a non-invasive, natural, toxic-free, and permanent solution to their sweating. If this sounds like you, then you could be the perfect candidate for hyperhidrosis treatment at The Pennsylvania Centre for Plastic Surgery with Dr. Scott A. Brenman, a board-certified plastic surgeon and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons.


“Dr. Kathleen Brenman treated me with great care and respect. She is very knowledgeable and has lovely bedside manner. She answered all of my questions in a way that made it easy for me to understand. Dr. Brenman also made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure and kept me informed every step of the way. The results have been great! I feel like I’m 25 years old again “*


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Want to learn more about miraDry, including what solution might be right for you?  schedule a consultation with Dr. Scott Brenman at The Pennsylvania Centre for Plastic Surgery in Plymouth Meeting, PA. (267) 754-2988. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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