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How Do Hormonal Changes Impact the Vagina?

Hormones are critical to regenerative prosperity in every part of a lady’s life. They are responsible for controlling monthly menstruation, reproduction, menopause, and libido. The fundamental hormones that impact your menstrual cycle and fertility are produced by particular glands in the cerebrum as well as your ovaries. Your ovaries are also accountable for the production and release of estrogen and progesterone- both of which are crucial in properly preparing your body for pregnancy.

Hormonal fluctuations can be caused by a combination of factors, the most poignant being the onset of menopause. Other than impacting your emotional and mental well being, hormonal changes can also dramatically influence the condition of your vagina.

How do hormonal changes impact the vagina?

During menopause the body produces less estrogen than normal. This often causes vaginal dryness, thinning of the vaginal walls and laxity. Commonly known as vaginal atrophy, this unpleasant group of symptoms can cause a vast amount of discomfort including pain during intercourse, frequent infections and a lacklustre sex life.

While some hormone changes are simply a part of maturing, there is fortunately an easy, convenient solution for restoring the vagina to its pre-menopausal state.

Introducing FemiLift

Laser vaginal rejuvenation is not just for women who are approaching menopause, or who have given birth multiple times- it is also a powerful way to treat feminine concerns like recurrent infections and urinary incontinence.  FemiLift is a safe and effective laser treatment that is equipped for rejuvenating the vagina to an optimal state in as little as 30 minutes.

The FemiLift laser treatment uses CO2 fractional laser innovation to concentrate on treating particular zones of the vagina with precision. The laser energy instigates deep thermal heating of the vaginal walls, which kick starts the production of collagen. This results in healthy elasticity, more natural lubrication and a reduction in recurrent infections or vaginal dryness.

FemiLift treatments are done in office, with no anesthetic or downtime required. It is one of the few vaginal rejuvenation procedures that is entirely pain free, with results lasting up to five years.

For more information about FemiLift treatments at our Plymouth Meeting clinic, please call The Pennsylvania Centre for Plastic surgery at (267)-687-2180.

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