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How to Treat the Symptoms of SUI

There’s no denying that stress urinary incontinence (SUI) can make you feel like it’s tough to fully enjoy life.  SUI is a bladder condition that can occur for a number of reasons; the most common causes include pregnancy, post-pregnancy changes, and age.  No matter the cause, the symtpom is the same: SUI makes it difficult for you to control your bladder functions, especially when you cough, laugh, or sneeze.

The symptoms of SUI usually happen when the muscles surrounding the bladder have become weakened by injury or age.  In cases of pregnancy, there’s so much pressure placed on the muscles surrounding the bladder that the slightest sneeze or cough can cause the bladder to contract, resulting in the involuntary release of urine.  Postnatal or older women often experience SUI due to weakened muscles, meaning there’s little protection surrounding the bladder from sudden abdominal contractions.

The symptoms of SUI can be persistent, many women turn to FemiLift laser treatments for relief. FemiLift  is an FDA-approved treatment uses laser energy to relieve the most common symptoms of SUI, including:

  • Involuntary bladder leakage when coughing, sneezing, or laughing
  • Involuntary urination when exercising or lifting something heavy
  • Sudden urination during sex or standing up

Here’s how it works: the laser heat energy emitted by FemiLift triggers tightening within the vaginal walls. The heating effect increases collagen and elastin within the walls allowing for tightening and increased lubrication. Building up these weakened muscles allows for increased bladder protection.

Most patients will see immediate results from this simple 10-minute procedure.

FemiLift treatments are also excellent choices for women who may suffer from other feminine issues like vaginal laxity, chronic infections, and loss of lubrication. Many women prefer FemiLift due to its non-invasive nature, rather than resorting to painful surgery.

To learn if you’re a candidate for FemiLift treatments for stress urinary incontinence, schedule a consultation at The Pennsylvania Centre for Plastic Surgery in Plymouth Meeting, PA. (267) 754-2988

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